and other eslint-plugin-import rules I have node 5.0.0 installed via nvm, all dependency modules removed, and npm i this is totally wierd( I kill 2 days for it. can't.... Example: unable to resolve path to module eslint(import/no-unresolved) absoute path { ... settings: { ... 'import/resolver': { node: { extensions: ['.js', '.jsx', '.. Apr 7, 2021 I have a React JS project with Typescript and I use Eslint for linting. I have added path Aliases both to tsconfig.json and webpack.config.json.... Answer: I had the same problem and I was only able to fix it by adding the typescript plugin to .eslintrc , using the extends option in .eslintrc. Unable to resolve path to module . eslint(import/no-unresolved). If you're getting an unresolved module error like the one above from ESLint, it means that.... exports = { parser: 'babel-eslint', extends: 'airbnb-base', ... main.js. import Vue from 'vue'; // => ESLint: Unable to resolve path to module '.... Feb 24, 2020 .eslintrc rules "import/no-unresolved": "off", : .eslintrc module.exports = { parser:.... Mar 18, 2017 We have solution for absolute path, like this: import MyComponent from 'src/components/MyComponent' It is work fine for yarn start, but for yarn.... We recently changed our eslint rules to include import/no-unresolved Now I get an error on import * as CSS from 'csstype';. I get unable to resolve path to module.... You can set the ESLint module import resolution by adding this snippet to your .eslintrc.json configuration file: { "settings": { "import/resolver": { "node": {. Mar 7, 2021 And eslint throws. Unable to resolve path to module 'fs/promises'. Otherwise, the script works, but I don't understand what's triggering the error. 538a28228e

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